Other human health activities

Other human health activities
This class includes:
- activities for human health not performed by hospitals or by medical doctors or dentists:
  • activities of nurses, midwives, physiotherapists or other paramedical practitioners in the field of optometry, hydrotherapy, medical massage, occupational therapy, speech therapy, chiropody, homeopathy, chiropractic, acupuncture etc.

These activities may be carried out in health clinics such as those attached to firms, schools, homes for the aged, labour organisations and fraternal organisations and in residential health facilities other than hospitals, as well as in own consulting rooms, patients' homes or elsewhere.
This class also includes:
- activities of dental paramedical personnel such as dental therapists, school dental nurses and dental hygienists, who may work remote from, but are periodically supervised by, the dentist
- activities of medical laboratories such as:
  • X-ray laboratories and other diagnostic imaging centres
  • blood analysis laboratories
- activities of blood banks, sperm banks, transplant organ banks etc.
- ambulance transport of patients by any mode of transport including airplanes. These services are often provided during a medical emergency.
Activities of shiatsu practicians
This class excludes:
- production of artificial teeth, denture and prosthetic appliances by dental laboratories, see 32.50
- transfer of patients, with neither equipment for lifesaving nor medical personnel, see divisions 49, 50, 51
- non-medical laboratory testing, see 71.20
- testing activities in the field of food hygiene, see 71.20
- hospital activities, see 86.10
- medical and dental practice activities, see 86.2
- residential nursing care facilities, see 87.10