Holiday and other short-stay accommodation

Holiday and other short-stay accommodation
This class includes the provision of accommodation, typically on a daily or weekly basis, principally for short stays by visitors, in self-contained space consisting of complete furnished rooms or areas for living/dining and sleeping, with cooking facilities or fully equipped kitchens. This may take the form of apartments or flats in small free-standing multi-storey buildings or clusters of buildings, or single storey bungalows, chalets, cottages and cabins. Very minimal complementary services, if any, are provided. 

This class includes accommodation provided by:
- children's and other holiday homes
- visitor flats and bungalows
- cottages and cabins without housekeeping services
- youth hostels and mountain refuges
Bed and breakfast units, without daily room cleaning and bed making
This class excludes:
- provision of furnished short-stay accommodation with daily cleaning, bed-making, food and beverage services, see 55.10
- provision of homes and furnished or unfurnished flats or apartments for more permanent use, typically on a monthly or annual basis, see division 68