Marine fishing

Marine fishing
This class includes:
- fishing on a commercial basis in ocean and coastal waters
- taking of marine crustaceans and molluscs
- whale catching
- taking of marine aquatic animals: turtles, sea squirts, tunicates, sea urchins etc.
This class also includes:
- activities of vessels engaged both in marine fishing and in processing and preserving of fish
- gathering of other marine organisms and materials: natural pearls, sponges, coral and algae
This class excludes:
- capturing of marine mammals, except whales, e.g. walruses, seals, see 01.70
- processing of whales on factory ships, see 10.11
- processing of fish, crustaceans and molluscs on factory ships or in factories ashore, see 10.20
- rental of pleasure boats with crew for sea and coastal water transport (e.g. for fishing cruises), see 50.10
- fishing inspection, protection and patrol services, see 84.24
- fishing practiced for sport or recreation and related services, see 93.19
- operation of sport fishing preserves, see 93.19