Manufacture of other furniture

Manufacture of other furniture
This class includes:
- manufacture of sofas, sofa beds and sofa sets
- manufacture of garden chairs and seats
- manufacture of furniture for bedrooms, living rooms, gardens etc.
- manufacture of cabinets for sewing machines, televisions etc.
This class also includes:
- finishing such as upholstery of chairs and seats
- finishing of furniture such as spraying, painting, French polishing and upholstering
This class excludes:
- manufacture of pillows, pouffes, cushions, quilts and eiderdowns, see 13.92
- manufacture of furniture of ceramics, concrete and stone, see 23.42, 23.69, 23.70
- manufacture of lighting fittings or lamps, see 27.40
- manufacture of car seats, see 29.32
- manufacture of railway car seats, see 30.20
- manufacture of aircraft seats, see 30.30
- reupholstering and restoring of furniture, see 95.24