Post-harvest crop activities

Post-harvest crop activities
This class includes:
- preparation of crops for primary markets, i.e. cleaning, trimming, grading, disinfecting
- cotton ginning
- preparation of tobacco leaves, e.g. drying
- preparation of cocoa beans, e.g. peeling
- waxing of fruit
- sun-drying of fruit and vegetables
Sun-drying of herbs and spices
This class excludes:
- preparation of agricultural products by the producer, see corresponding class in groups 01.1, 01.2 or 01.3
- post-harvest activities aimed at improving the propagation quality of seed, see 01.64 
- stemming and redrying of tobacco, see 12.00
- marketing activities of commission merchants and cooperative associations, see division 46
- wholesale of agricultural raw materials, see 46.2