Support activities for crop production

Support activities for crop production
This class includes:
- agricultural activities on a fee or contract basis:
  • preparation of fields
  • establishing a crop
  • treatment of crops
  • crop spraying, including by air
  • trimming of fruit trees and vines
  • transplanting of rice, thinning of beets
  • harvesting
  • pest control (including rabbits) in connection with agriculture
- maintenance of agricultural land in good agricultural and environmental condition
- operation of agricultural irrigation equipment
This class also includes:
- provision of agricultural machinery with operators and crew
This class excludes:
- post-harvest crop activities, see 01.63
- drainage of agricultural land, see 43.12
- landscape architecture, see 71.11
- activities of agronomists and agricultural economists, see 74.90
- landscape gardening, planting, see 81.30
- organisation of agricultural shows and fairs, see 82.30