Manufacture of other chemical products n.e.c.

Manufacture of other chemical products n.e.c.
This class includes:
- manufacture of photographic plates, films, sensitised paper and other sensitised unexposed materials
- manufacture of chemical preparations for photographic uses
- manufacture of gelatine and its derivatives
- manufacture of various chemical products:
  • peptones, peptone derivatives, other protein substances and their derivatives n.e.c.
  • chemically modified oils and fats
  • materials used in the finishing of textiles and leather
  • powders and pastes used in soldering, brazing or welding
  • substances used to pickle metal
  • prepared additives for cements
  • activated carbon, lubricating oil additives, prepared rubber accelerators, catalysts and other chemical products for industrial use
  • anti-knock preparations, antifreeze preparations
  • liquids for hydraulic transmission
  • composite diagnostic or laboratory reagents
This class also includes:
- manufacture of writing and drawing ink
This class excludes:
- manufacture of chemically defined products in bulk, see 20.13, 20.14
- manufacture of distilled water, 20.13
- manufacture of other organic basic chemicals, see 20.14
- manufacture of printing ink, see 20.30
- manufacture of asphalt-based adhesives, see 23.99