Manufacture of articles of fur

Manufacture of articles of fur
This class includes:
- manufacture of articles made of fur skins:
  • fur wearing apparel and clothing accessories
  • assemblies of fur skins such as "dropped" fur skins, plates, mats, strips etc.
  • diverse articles of fur skins: rugs, unstuffed pouffes, industrial polishing cloths
This class excludes:
- production of raw fur skins, see 01.4, 01.70
- production of raw hides and skins, see 10.11
- manufacture of imitation furs (long-hair cloth obtained by weaving or knitting), see 13.20, 13.91
- manufacture of fur hats, see 14.19
- manufacture of apparel trimmed with fur, see 14.19
- dressing and dyeing of fur, see 15.11
- manufacture of boots or shoes containing fur parts, see 15.20