Manufacture of other technical and industrial textiles

Manufacture of other technical and industrial textiles
This class includes:
- manufacture of narrow woven fabrics, including fabrics consisting of warp without weft assembled by means of an adhesive
- manufacture of labels, badges etc.
- manufacture of ornamental trimmings: braids, tassels, pompons etc.
- manufacture of fabrics impregnated, coated, covered or laminated with plastics
- manufacture of metallised yarn or metallised gimped yarn, rubber thread and cord covered with textile material, textile yarn or strip covered, impregnated, coated or sheathed with rubber or plastics
- manufacture of tyre cord fabric of high-tenacity man-made yarn
- manufacture of other treated or coated fabrics: buckram and similar stiffened textile fabrics, fabrics coated with gum or amylaceous substances
- manufacture of diverse textile articles: textile wicks, incandescent gas mantles and tubular gas
- manufacture of mantle fabric, hosepiping, transmission or conveyor belts or belting (whether or not reinforced with metal or other material), bolting cloth, straining cloth
- manufacture of automotive trimmings
- manufacture of artists' canvas boards and tracing cloth
This class excludes:
- manufacture of transmission or conveyor belts of textile fabric, yarn or cord impregnated, coated, covered or laminated with rubber, where rubber is the chief constituent, see 22.19
- manufacture of plates or sheets of cellular rubber or plastic combined with textiles for reinforcing purposes only, see 22.19, 22.21
- manufacture of cloth of woven metal wire, see 25.93